Making a Sniper Scope in VR

While playing around with guns in VR, I realized there is a lot of potential for improvement over non-VR shooters with the addition of immersive guns. With VR, guns became interactable objects rather than animated static models. So let's explore what we can do better with them! In this post I will show you how … Continue reading Making a Sniper Scope in VR

Observer Pattern and Events in Unity C#

Observer Pattern Today we will talk about how to implement the observer pattern, which is incredibly useful for creating clean and maintainable code for Unity C# projects. The observer pattern is basically using a decoupled way for some observers to get notified when a state in an observable changes. The pattern discourages any direct connection … Continue reading Observer Pattern and Events in Unity C#

(Doctor) Strange World of Fractals

"A fractal is a way of seeing infinity. " — James Gleick With the recent addition of Doctor Strange to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, audiences all around the world witnessed a fun movie featuring gorgeous and intricate visual design. If you have seen the movie you might have been struck by the interesting self-similar patterns … Continue reading (Doctor) Strange World of Fractals